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We grew up together with World of Warcraft. The game gave us friends and partners, adrenaline, fun and of course loads of nerves. The game taught us to set goals and achieve them. Taught us to work in a team and think tactically.

We earned our first significant money thanks to WoW back in the times we were teens. Our marketing director worked in McDonald's in the daytime, and in the evenings he boosted people to Gladiator. At some moment it became clear that selling burgers was useless since his monthly salary could be earned in 3 evenings of playing arena! :)

From simple boosters, we transformed then to shop owners: since 2019 the members of our team have had a chance to work with 6 boosting websites - as partners, developers and/or marketers.

WoWGold is a team of very special people: many of us learned marketing, product development and management, but still continued playing games. And what's even more important - now we still buy services on WoWGold or from competitors. We don't just know boosting well. We understand what experience the customer should have from their very first visit of the website to the order completion.

We believe now is THAT moment: enough experience, knowledge, connections, success and failures we accumulated so we can finally say:

"Yes, we are ready to make a revolution on Real Money Trading market."
Wish us luck! ;)