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Shipping methods                                                                     

In-game delivery

Buyer will receive currency automatically. After purchase Buyer will be directed to Order page. Buyer will need to log into game, wait for the Seller and accept currency . 


Our shop is distinguished by honesty and quality, so we have nothing to hide.

All our wallets and payment methods are fully tested, including face-to-face meetings and notarial copies.


UNITPAY - world payment gatawey.


INTERKASSA - world payment gatawey.


Qiwi - our shop in the qiwi system through which we work. Automation of payments and availability in qiwi ishop means that we have passed quality checks and confirmed our real data. Full identification (the actual data of the passport to the representative was indicated).


Yandex Money - professional account: full confirmation of personal data, besides prof. an invoice means that we do business, so in case of poor service you can leave a complaint.


Bank cards - the plastic card acceptance integrator asks for: scans of documents, registrations, trading history and is generally interested in honesty and reality of activity. Anyone who does not give permission to use.